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Since he first picked up a guitar when he was 20, Frankie lives and breathes music. Although he started relatively late learning music, he immediately knew that this was the life he was ment to live. 


With his first band Skinny Dynamite he discovered his love for being on stage, being carried by the energy of the audience. This magical interaction was taken to the next level in his project Cowboys In Space, an improvisation band. 


After some intense years with his band Frankie decided to take a step back and take time to lear more about music. He started practicing multiple instruments and dived into the world of sound. He build himself a recording studio and started producing. 


He never stopt writing songs though. After experimenting endlessly he found his own unique sound and decided to record his songs and start a new band. 


Now, in 2021, he’s ready to hit the stage again. Frankie released his first album ‘Frankie Fame’ on April 16, 2021. The album is a great collection of singles that beg to be experienced live. His music is authentic yet poppy with the most thoughtful arrangements and attention to details. 


Surrounded by a team of musical friends the Fame train has left the station. Destination: Cosmos. 


Frankie's musical knowledge is largely subconscious; music flows through him in random flashes of cosmic inspiration. Frankie learned to cultivate what he calls 'Space': influencing the atmosphere in such a way that inspiration and creation flow naturally from it. Space can create ideas from scratch, such as bubbling guitar riffs or a sound that lifts you higher. Or a reverberant energy created by placing specifically chosen musicians in a room.

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